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By Hosting Brahim Ghali, Spain ‘Helps’ War Criminal to Escape Justice – LMDH

This is an "institutional non-reporting" of a fugitive, prosecuted for crimes against humanity, said the League in an Appeal to the bodies and organizations of human rights in Spain.

Expressing surprise over the treatment given by the Spanish government to the case of the leader of the separatists, who must answer for his direct involvement in serious human rights violations, the LMDH denounced a blatant breach of justice that besmirches the reputation of the human rights work in the Iberian country.

The League also expressed its disappointment at "the way the Spanish government disregards the rights of the accused, participating in a criminal act."

The so-called Ghali is one of the main accused in crimes against humanity and human rights violations that continue to this day in defiance of international charters, led by international humanitarian law, LMDH added.

Sahrawi human rights activists had filed a complaint before the Spanish judiciary against the leader of the separatists for crimes against humanity including genocide, torture, enforced disappearance and rape.

An arrest warrant was issued against the separatist by the Spanish authorities in 2008. In 2013, the so-called Ghali was indicted by Judge Pablo Ruz.

No action has been taken on this case under the pretext that it was difficult to notify the accused, the Ligue deplored, calling on organizations and bodies of Spanish human rights to bring Madrid, by all means guaranteed by law, to prosecute the leader of the separatist militias for crimes of genocide he committed to bring justice to victims and fight against impunity.

It also called on these bodies and organizations to work for the Spanish government to reverse such practices and for justice to be done.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse