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Morocco Hosts Meeting to Review AU Administrative Tribunal Statute and Rules of Procedure

Last updated on November 23, 2022

During a meeting with the members of the committee, first president of the Court of Cassation, president delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), Mohamed Abdennabaoui, welcomed the members of the Technical Committee of the AU, supervised by the Administrative Tribunal of the Union, chaired by Sylvester Salufu Mainga, expressing the full support of the Kingdom to this African judicial institution.

He also highlighted the Moroccan judicial system, a unified system that includes judges and prosecutors belonging to the judiciary, saying that Morocco currently has 2,400 judges including 1,000 prosecutors in the Prosecutor General’s Office.

In addition, he presented an overview of the procedure for access to the judiciary through the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, which is currently managed by the Ministry of Justice and “which will soon be placed, in accordance with the law, under the supervision of the CSPJ”, as well as the roles of the Council in managing the professional situation of judges, whether they are sitting judge or prosecutor.

For his part, Sylvester Salufu Mainga said that the meeting of the technical committee of the AU in Morocco will be an opportunity to review the Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Administrative Tribunal of the union, adding that this review is the second after that held last year in Mozambique.

This meeting is held in Morocco, as a member of the aforementioned tribunal in the period from November 21 to December 2, 2022, as part of the review of the Statute and Rules of Procedure of this jurisdiction.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse