Israeli occupation forces seize house near Jenin, use it as military outpost

Several Palestinian civilians suffocated from Israeli teargas this evening during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces which erupted after the latter raided the village of Jalboun, northeast of Jenin in the occupied West Bank. During the Israeli raid, which is continuing until this, the Israeli occupation forces seized a Palestinian house and converted it into a military outpost. The Head of the Jalboun Village Council, Ibrahim Abu al-Rab, retold WAFA that Israeli occupation forces stormed the village and set up a military checkpoint near the village's boy school. During the raid, soldiers fired teargas and toxic canisters at local residents and their homes, resulting in multiple cases of suffocation from gas inhalation. He added that the Israeli forces forcibly evicted Palestinian citizen Jihad Abu al-Rab and his family from their home. Subsequently, the Israeli army seized control of the house, converting it into a military outpost. This latest Israeli attack adds to the ongoing tensions in the occupied West Bank and raises concerns about the well-being of Palestinian residents living under Israeli military occupation.

Source: En - Palestine news & Information Agency - WAFA