Lower House Adopts Two Bills Relating to Moroccan Nationality, Family Mutual Aid Fund

The first bill supplementing article 11 of Dahir No. 1.58.250 on the Moroccan Nationality Code aims to "bring the provisions of Dahir no. 1.58.250 on the Moroccan Nationality Code, particularly article 11, into line with the provisions of the Constitution which has made Amazigh an official language of the State alongside the Arabic language."

This legislative initiative, presented by the Istiqlal Group of Unity and Egalitarianism, stipulates that "adequate knowledge of Arabic and Amazigh, or one of them" is one of the conditions for naturalization required by the Dahir.

During the same legislative session, the House of Representatives approved, unanimously, a law proposal presented by the socialist group, aimed at amending articles 2 and 4 of law No. 41.10 establishing the conditions and modalities for benefiting from the Family Mutual Aid Fund, explicitly stipulating that humanitarian, economic and social circumstances allow needy parents entitled to alimony to benefit from the Fund.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse