Morocco Prioritizes Promotion of Gender Equality (Amb.)

Madrid - Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, is making the promotion of gender equality and women's situation a priority of all government policies, stressed the Kingdom's ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich.

''The protection of women's rights in Morocco has evolved with the implementation of important achievements, marked by a national mobilization around a society project based on the values of democracy and gender equality, as well as legal and institutional reforms including the family code, the law on nationality and the law on the civil service,'' noted Benyaich, who participated Thursday evening in the 6th International Conference ''Women and Diplomacy'', organized at the Diplomatic School in Madrid.

Morocco has developed a national strategy for sustainable development, which constitutes a roadmap to implement its commitments in the field of environment and gender equality in the face of climate change, said the diplomat, recalling that the Kingdom has also included in its New Development Model several measures to empower women and promote the inclusion and development of young people, in order to strengthen the resilience and participation of all Moroccans in the national development dynamics.

In 2017, the ambassador noted, Morocco also adopted a gender mainstreaming strategy for the environment and sustainable development sector, which aims to reduce gender inequalities in accessing, managing, and protecting natural resources, as well as to build women's capacity to address climate change.

She added that Morocco has also adopted a gender approach in policies related to the environment sector, by providing grants to women's environmental associations, supporting research for development, encouraging female candidates and integrating gender indicators in programs related to environmental protection.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse