Royal Atlantic Initiative Highlighted in Washington at Joint Briefing Held by Moroccan Embassy and U.S. State Department

The U.S. Department of State and the Moroccan embassy in Washington co-organized a briefing on the latest developments of the Partnership for Atlantic Cooperation, which was attended by several ambassadors and representatives of the 39 member countries of this initiative. Speaking on this occasion, Morocco's ambassador to the United States, Youssef Amrani, highlighted Morocco's active role in promoting a stable, prosperous and inclusive Atlantic space capable of promoting the socio-economic transformation of the entire region. Mr. Amrani stressed, during this meeting held at the Moroccan embassy, the importance of the Royal Initiative which places the Atlantic at the heart of the bold and innovative vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI for the African continent, on the basis of the principles of solidarity, cooperation and co-development. Regarding the structuring projects implemented within the framework of this Initiative, the diplomat noted that these concrete actions seek to create an economic corrid or linking Atlantic Africa to the northern and western hemispheres, in addition to promoting access for the Sahel countries to this maritime space. Referring to the importance of ensuring complementarity between the various initiatives aimed at building an enlarged Atlantic area, Mr. Amrani said that it is in this spirit that the Kingdom actively participates in the Partnership for Atlantic Cooperation and co-chairs, with Spain and Angola, a working group on Marine Space Planning. The ambassador recalled that for Morocco, the Atlantic is a priority geostrategic zone, a catalyst of peace and sustainable development, "which our joint efforts will make it possible to establish as an essential dynamic space on the international scene". For her part, U.S. Senior Coordinator for Atlantic Cooperation Ambassador, Jessye Lapenn, commended the Kingdom for its leadership and commitment to promoting the Atlantic area. Welcoming the opportunity for exchange offered by this first face-to-face briefing for the diplomati c corps accredited in Washington, Ms. Lapenn spoke of the shared values which favor the emergence of a common Atlantic identity. The U.S. diplomat urged member countries to work closely together to overcome "the similar challenges we face and seize the opportunities for integrated development, with a view to ensuring the sustainability of the resources of the Atlantic Ocean for future generations." The Partnership engages in collective problem-solving of shared challenges and advances shared principles for Atlantic cooperation, as reflected in the Declaration on Atlantic Cooperation adopted in New York in September 2023. The Partnership brings together coastal Atlantic countries from Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean. Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse