Washington: HM the King’s Commitment to South-South Cooperation, Strategic Pillar of Morocco’s Foreign policy, Highlighted at OAS

Wa - The vision and commitment of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to South-South cooperation, as a strategic pillar of Morocco's foreign policy, were highlighted Friday in Washington, before the Organization of American States (OAS). Speaking at an OAS meeting of which Morocco is an observer member, the Kingdom's ambassador to the United States, Youssef Amrani highlighted the efforts and major initiatives that Morocco is undertaking to support brotherly and friendly countries, notably in Africa, in the different development sectors. This commitment is also reflected in the Kingdom's relations with other countries in the Global South, particularly in Latin America, noted the ambassador, highlighting Morocco's close relations with regional and international organizations. Amrani also discussed the distinguished relations that Morocco maintains with the OAS, based in Washington-DC, stressing that this cooperation is focused on common objectives and mutual interests. 'Our ambition is to continue to explore all p ossible avenues and mechanisms capable of laying the foundations of a solid partnership and inclusive and mutually beneficial cooperation,' he insisted, during this meeting on 'promotion cooperation and partnership for the development of the Americas'. Ambassador Amrani further noted that Morocco's participation in this event provides information on the importance that the Kingdom attaches to cooperation with this regional organization. Thanks to its geographical positioning, Morocco represents, he said, a natural and geostrategic gateway connecting the Ibero-American continent to the Arab-Muslim world, and to Africa. He recalled in this respect the visit made by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to Latin America in 2004, the first of an African and Arab Head of State in the region, noting that this visit was a turning point which has provided a new dynamic to relations between the Kingdom and the American continent. In the same vein, the diplomat mentioned the Royal Initiative aimed at promoting access of Sah el countries to the Atlantic Ocean, stating that this innovative and ambitious initiative, which will strengthen integration and regional development, will also benefit to Latin American countries. Youssef Amrani also highlighted the 'exemplary' cooperation between Morocco and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on pressing issues such as climate change and its repercussions on food security, noting that this cooperation to advance development is based on the principle of solidarity and mutually beneficial partnership. He added that this partnership is all the more crucial in a global context marked by the resurgence of challenges and the repercussions linked to geopolitical tensions. Morocco has been a permanent observer to the OAS since 1981. This organization, founded in 1948, brings together the 35 states of the Americas and is the main governmental forum on the continent for political, legal and social issues. Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse